2013 grant recipients

Recipient institutions

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Dr. Wendy Spettigue)
Examining the effectiveness of an online parent psychoeducation intervention for the management of child and adolescent eating disorders: an Ontario multi-site initiative 2013 report [PDF]
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Dr. Allison Kennedy)
Development and evaluation of a brief group intervention for youth presenting to the ED with mild to moderate suicidal ideation 2013 report [PDF]
Peer Support Accreditation and Certification (Canada) (Stéphane Grenier)
Elevation of the practice of mental health peer support to a formally recognized and nationally accepted method of mental health care that is complementary to clinical care methods and established employee assistance programs 2013 report [PDF]
Memorial University of Newfoundland$30,000
Université Laval$30,000
Université de Montréal$35,000
McGill University$21,875
University of Ottawa$35,000
Queen's University$15,000
University of Toronto$35,000
McMaster University$15,000
University of Western Ontario$30,000
University of Saskatchewan$25,000
University of Alberta$30,000
University of British Columbia$35,000

Student recipients

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Amy BurtonRegulation of expression of hPygo2 in epithelial ovarian carcinomaDr. Catherine Popadiuk
Daniel DugganMechanisms of relaxation in the internal thoracic arteryDr. Reza Tabrizchi
Heather HoddinottThe effects of changing culture on an acute care child/adolescentDr. Weldon Bonnell
Robyn KennyHER2 overexprerssion and amplification in diffuse gastric cancer in NewfoundlandDr. A. Taher
Andre LeBiomarker of treatment response in prostate cancerDr. John Thoms
Angella C. WoodmanNonsyndromic familial brain tumors in two siblingsDr. Falah Maroun
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Université Laval

Alexandre Cinq-MarsRisk factors of mortality after surgical correction of ventricular septal defect following myocardial infarction Dr. Mario Senechal
Marc-Olivier DionLa méthode CISH pour l'évaluation du statut HER2 dans les carcionomes gastriquesDr. Caroline Diorio
Gabrielle DumasÉvaluation d'un questionnaire cognitif bref concu pour les patients atteints du cancerDr. Bruno Gagnon
Xiaoshuang KouStudy of the structure of Gas1 required for its anti-metastatic activityDr. Carole Carbonneau
Carolanne RuelValidity study of the prostatic specific antigen as a marker for progression in metastatic castration-resistant and chemotherapy-resistant prostate cancerDr. Federic Pouliot
Evelyne LeblancÉffet de la dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) vs. placebo dans le traitement de l'hypertension arterielle pulmonaire - étude piloteDr. Sebastien Bonnet
Marc-Antoine TardiffÉffet de l'alimentation dans les 24 heures précédant le déclenchement de l'infarctus aigu du myocardeDr. Olivier Bertrand
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Université de Montréal

Francois BourdeauNon-coding RNA TERRA and their role in regulating telomerase activityDr. Pascal Chartrand
Melany Delgado-ContrerasFine study of the interaction OCS1-p53 in the STATS5 induced senescence contextDr. Gerardo Ferbeyre
Ariane DrouinComposite arterial and venous grafting strategy versus conventionalDr. Louis-Mathieu Stevens
Marie-Anne GoyetteRole of receptor tyrosine kinase AXL in metastic progression of HER-2 positive breast cancerDr. Jean-Francois Cote
Catherine GravelClonal exhaustion after transplantation of umbilical cord blook: development of a protocol for detection of transcription factors T-bet and Blimp-1Dr. Hugo Soudeyns
Rachel MorinSignalisation du cancer du seinDr. Sylvie Mader
Assya TrofimovDiscover better targets for imunotherapy of cancerDr. Claude Perreault
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McGill University

Achuthan AruljothyIdentification of the unstable carotid atherosclerotic plaque: from bench to clinical practiceDr. Stella Daskalopoulou
Mathilde Gaudreau-SimardThe impact of maternal stress during pregnancy on IQ in children with ADHDDr. Natalie Grizenko
Yu Qing (Jenny) HuangFamilial environmental risk factors in mood disordersDr. Nancy Low
Emilie Xiao Hang MaThe role of traditional and emerging risk factors on angiographic profile of men and women with premature acute coronary syndromeDr. Louise Pilote
Michelle RosemanDepression screening and mental health outcomes in children and adolescents: treatment efficacyDr. Brett Thombs
David St-PierrePredictive value of arterial stiffness in the development of pre-eclampsia (REVEAL)Dr. Stella Daskalapoulou
Pascal Theriault-LauzierMulti-slice computed tomography assessment of the mitral valvular apparatus for trans-catheter valve replacement in patients with mitral regurgitationDr. Nicolo Piazza
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University of Ottawa

Alina BeliavskyThe use of Parenteral Anticoagulants in Acute Stroke and Atrial FibrillationDr. Dar Dowlatshahi
Kathryn BezzinaIn Vivo Imaging of angiogenesis in gliomas: A Comparison Between MRI's and HistologyDr. Thanh Binh Nguyen
Andrea Lee CerviThe role of innate immunity in the oncolytic properties of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)Dr. Harold Atkins
Loretta CheungMitral valve repair vs. replacement in rheumatic valve diseaseDr. Vincent Chan
Joshua HeflerDoes oncolytic virus treatment of matastatic lung cancer cause lung injury?Dr. P. James Villeneuve
Cong Thanh NguyenDiacylglycerol kinase as a novel target for anti-metastatic cancer therapy through RhoC interactionsDr. Stephen Gee
Bhavika J. PatelEnhancing the health of children with complex heart problems experiencing psycosocial stressDr. Patricia Longmuir
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Queen's University

Shivani Felicia ChandrakumarRisk profile development for borderline personality disorder in adolescenceDr. Saresh Khalid-Khan
Amanda MurdochExercise as alternative therapy for adolescent anxiety disordersDr. Saresh Khalid-Khan
Jennifer Yin Yee KwanDetermining the educational and survivorship needs of lung cancer patients and caregiversDr. Meredity Giuliani
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University of Toronto

Marcus Ede AllanGenetics on suicide attempts in people with schizophreniaDr. Vincenzo DeLuca
Alexa BramallDetermination of the role of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection in gliomagenesis and the evaluation of an oncolytic virus for the treatment of primary brain tumorsDr. James T. Rutka
Eric CoomesSkin cancer screening after organ transplantationDr. An-Wen Chan
Charles HuDiscovery of new non-invasive biomarkers to identify men with "spuriously" elevated PSA due to prostate inflammationDr. Keith Jarvi
Davis HolmesAnalysis of candidate genes in bupropion remissionDr. James Kennedy
Saurabhy KalraValidation of the sour seven questionnaire for detecting delirium in older adultsDr. Richard Shulman
Anthony MakInvestigating the role of membrane glycoprotein CD133 in melanomaDr. Jason Moffat
Vanda McNivenDiscovery of hidden clinical and metabolic genetic syndromes in neuropsychiatric patientsDr. Joyce So
Cam Tu (Janet) NguyenExploring peer leaders' personal experiences and impresions of their community regarding breast and cervical cnncer screening and educationDr. Sheila Dunn
Alex RabenIntracerbroventricular insulin administration for prevention of antipsychotic-induced adiposityDr. Margaret K. Hahn
David SmithDNA injury from ionizing radiation used in the performance of interventional radiology proceduresDr. Bairbre Connolly
Lily VanPharmacogenetic response to antipsychiatric treatment in a genetic form of schizophrenia, ZZq11.2 deletion syndromeDr. Anne Bassett
Oren ZarnettThe role of radiation and chemotherapy in the treatment of elderly patients with glioblastomaDr. Sunit Das
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McMaster University

Derek ChanInvestigating the role of MSi2 in T-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemiaDr. Kristen Hope
Nicholas HolzapfelInvestigating the role of MSi2 in AML progressionDr. Kristen Hope
Branavan ManoranjanThe role of WNT signaling in human medulloblastoma brain tumour initiating cellsDr. Sheila K. Singh
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University of Western Ontario

Ben BeechIs personalized radiobilogically guided radiotherapy for liver leasions better than standard card?Dr. Michael Lock
Jeffrey LawQuality of life in neoadjuvant vs. adjuvant therapy of esophageal cancer treatment (QUINTETT)Dr. Richard Malthaner
Jooho LeeApplying human genomic data to clinical evaluationDr. Rob Hegele
Matthew McNevinPoverty and social inclusion (Community-University Research Alliance Project)Dr. Cheryl Forchuk
Safi SayeedPrevelance of bipolar disorder among in-patients with treatment resistant depressionDr. Verinder Sharma
Colin Sue-Chue-LamMapping palliative care on the heart failure teamDr. Valerie Schulz
Michael YanDeveloping a targeted anti-cancer drug delivery systemDr. Alison Allan
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University of Saskatchewan

Angeliki BarlasAssessment of bleeding risk in patients on triple therapy with newer anti-platelet agentsDr. Colin Pearce
Raman ChawlaAge-dependent changes in monoamine-related genes in a mouse model of Alzheimer diseaseDr. Darrell Mousseau
Tristan PaganCognitive symptoms in a developmental model of maternal immune activation and psychiatric illnessDr. John Howland
Evyn PetersImplications of impulsivityDr. Rudy Bowen
Brian WongValidating scoring tool to preduct acute renal failure (PRF) post-cardian surgery in patients presenting to Regina Qu'Appelle Health RegionDr. Bhanu Prasad
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University of Alberta

Hoorsheed HeydarimaneshChild and youth mental health on Metis settlements in AlbertaDr. Lorraine Breault
Dave HogarthChild and youth mental health on Metis settlements in AlbertaDr. Lorraine Breault
Michelle HuieChild and youth mental health on Metis settlements in AlbertaDr. Lorraine Breault
Nanki LongowalChild and youth mental health on Metis settlements in AlbertaDr. Lorraine Breault
Lucy MaChild and youth mental health on Metis settlements in AlbertaDr. Lorraine Breault
Sheila WangChild and youth mental health on Metis settlements in AlbertaDr. Lorraine Breault
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University of British Columbia

Khatereh AminoltejariEstablishment of a standard measure for success of deep brain stimulation surgery in patients with treatment-resistant Parkinson's diseaseDr. Christopher Honey
Dalijeet ChahalSurgical resection of metastatic brain tumors as a singular curative interventionDr. Brian Toyota
Lu ChuMinimally invasive palliative procedures in onclogy: a review of a multidisciplinary collaborationDr. Pippa Hawley
Connor ForbesIsolation of circulating tumor cells from patients with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer: microfluidics vs. CellsearchDr. Peter Black
Amanzo (Ang Chien) HoA longitudinal comparison of aripiprazole vs. quetiapine on adiposity using MRIDr. Alasdair Barr
Kurt HoskinOutcomes analysis of breast reconstruction in the southern interior of British ColumbiaDr. Christopher Baliski
Ian PitcherExamination of the prevalence and plaque morphology of coronary artery disease in asymptomatic South Asians versus non-South AsiansDr. Carolyn Taylor
Gigi TuetUnderstanding persistent antipsychotic polyparmacy: a prevalent practice without evidenceDr. Ric Procyshyn
Aaron Van SlykePatient-centred outcomes following flap reconstruction of sternal wound infection defects: a systematic reviewDr. Daniel Wong
Raymond Hon Leung YipBarriers to diagnosis in myeloproliferative neoplasmsDr. Lynda Foltz
Irene YuOvarian cancer internet information: an evaluation of the usage of internet resources by patients with ovarian cancer and the quality of information available on the internetDr. Paris-Ann Ingledew
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