2011 grant recipients

Recipient institutions

Memorial University of Newfoundland$10,000
Université Laval$20,000
Université de Montréal$20,000
McGill University$20,000
University of Ottawa$20,000
Queen's University$20,000
University of Toronto$20,000
University of Western Ontario$17,004
University of Manitoba$20,000
University of Saskatchewan$20,000
University of Alberta$20,000
University of British Columbia$20,000

Student recipients

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Alison EatonThe effects of pro-inflammatory stimuli on cysteinyl-leukotrience signalling in human coronary artery smooth cellsDr. John Smeda
Bolu OgunyemiUsing the psoriatic arthritis screening questionnaire (PASQ) to evaluate cardiovascular comorbidities in psoriasis patients in Newfoundland and LabradorDr. Majed Khrashi
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Université Laval

Jean-Philippe BlaisImplication thérapeutique de la voie mTOR dans le cancer superficiel de la vessieDr. Yves Coumartin
Béarice Deschenes St-PierreApproche multidimensionnelle de la vulnérabilité à la schizophrénie ou à la maladie bipolaireDr. Michel Maziade
Émilie Dubé-TremblayRévision rétrospective des cas de cancers de la thyroïde dans la région de QuébecDr. Maryse Brassard
Éric MorissetteLes déterminants de l’athéroscléroseDr. Eric Larose
Amélie PaquinLes biomarqueurs de la matrice extracellulaire dans la sténose aortique à bas débit et bas gradient : relation avec l’hémodynamie, la capacité fonctionne et le devenirDr. Philippe Pibarot
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Université de Montréal

Catherine DescôteauCaractérisation de l'activité du suppresseur tumoral PAR-4/LKB1 dans la polarisation cellulaire et la division cellulaire asymétriqueDr. Jean-Claude Labbé
Emilie L'EcuyerÉtude du rôle de IKK dans la progression du cancer de la prostate Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson
Isabelle PoirierÉtude du profil d'acides gras de patients insuffisants cardiaques : approche basée sur la métabolomique des HDLDr. Christine Des Rosiers
Tatiana TraboulsiMechanisms of action of full antiestrogens in breast cancer cells Dr. Sylvie Mader
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McGill University

Francis ClémentCompensatory mechanisms and memory related brain activation in MCI persons Dr. Serge Gauthier
Natalia GorelikRe-bleeding rate in patients treated for intracranial aneurysms by endovascular procedure Dr. Donatella Tampieri
Terence Tat Nang LeeComparing socio-economic status and psychological health in the population of patients with premature occurrence of acute coronary syndrome within sexes Dr. Louise Pilote
Soumia Senouci Prevalence and severity of polyuria and water-balance disorders in electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) patients: a prospective follow-up study Dr. Marilyn Segal
Moez TajdinIdentification of the unstable carotid atherosclerotic plaque: from bench to clinical practice Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou
Clara WuA meta-analysis comparing the vascular and cardiovascular risk of third and second generation oral contraceptives Dr. Mark Eisenberg
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University of Ottawa

Cindy Chan Relative association of genetic variants on clopidogrel efficacy in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionDr. Derek So
Catherine Valerie ChengSingle cell hydrogel encapsulation of cardiac stem cells Dr. Darryl Davis
Yingwei LiuIdentification of vulnerable aortic plaque in conventional FDG-PET myocardial viability studiesDr. Terrence Ruddy
Kirstin PerdrizetEvaluation of MR T1-weighted and T2-weighted perfusion imaging at 3T in the ciagnosis of patients with gliomasDr. Thanh Bin Nguyen
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Queen's University

Matt CwinnThe role of Nox 1 and Nox 4 in diabetic vascular injuryDr. Rhian Touyz
Shlok GuptaImpact of the adoption of concomitant chemoradiotherapy in the treatment of cancers of the head and neckDr. William Mackillop
Eric van OostenAtrial flutter and obstructive sleep apnea Dr. Adrian Baranchuk
Matthew Woo Medicalization of demonic possessionDr. Jacalyn Duffin
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University of Toronto

Michel Beausoleil High-dose chemotherapy for relapsed metastatic germ cell cancer, thrombolic events in patients receiving chemotherapy for testicular cancer Dr. Eric Winquist
Kimberly Cai Developing a patient-centred collaborative model of care for complex patients with heart failure to improve care quality and patient outcomes Dr. Arlene Bierman
Neil Dattani Assessing the burden of cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death Dr. Dennis Ko
Aneta KrakowskiEarly neurophychological tests as correlates to driving and parenting ability after brain injury Dr. Nora Cullen
Constantin ShusterAdoptive t-cell therapy for metastatic melanoma Dr. Pamela Ohashi
Soha RamadanRetrospective optimization of late enhancement-MRI image intensity in myocardial infarct patients Dr. Marshall Sussman
Andrew WarkentinEndoscopic vs. percutaneous approach to biliary decompression in patients with cholangiocarcinoma (Klatskin-type tumour) Dr. Chin Sing Ho
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University of Western Ontario

Kim FieldingYouth matters in London: mental health addiction and homelessness Dr. Cheryl Forchuk
Chantal ForristalGeneration of a new mouse strain to study TGF-B regulated growth control Dr. Fred Dick
Martin LeungCost utility analysis of conventional whole breast radiation and partial breast irradiation Dr. Michael Lock
Sanjeeban MishraCan early radiology changes predict success of chemotherapy and radiation therapy of cancers of the lung and head and neck?Dr. David Palma
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University of Manitoba

Jessica KlassenRegulation of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation in vitroDr. Darren Freed
Justin MarchMental health consequences of injuries and burns: does experiencing major trauma increase the relative risk of suicidality?Dr. Sarvesh Logsetty
Daniel PalitskyThe relationship between adult attachment style, mental disorders, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in the NCS-R Dr. Jitender Sareen
Stevi Golden-PlotnikStudy of quality of life, anxiety and depression in women with abnormal uterine bleedingDr. Richard Boroditsky
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University of Saskatchewan

Kate JohnsonImpacts of HPV as a risk factor in oropharyngeal cancersDr. P. Spafford
Catherine LacnyCan neuropsychiatric testing predict cognitive functional and behavioural decline in dementia patientsDr. Andrew Kirk
Jenna-Lynn SengerNovel approaches to understanding breast carcinogenesisDr. Rani Kanthan
Kimberley WoodProgesterone receptor isoforms and BRCAI in preneoplastic breast lesions and their relationship with circulating levels of sex hormonesDr. Rajni Chibbar
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University of Alberta

Joseph Abraham Mental health and awareness in the inner city population of EdmontonDr. Lorraine Breault
Anupinder K. BainsStress, depression and coping strategies in University of Alberta students studying professional programs Dr. Lorraine Breault
Thara KumarPrenatal and postnatal risk factors correlated with diagnosis of ASK in children Dr. Lorraine Breault
Karan NagraMental health services in emergency departments Dr. Lorraine Breault
Salma ShivjiAlberta physician burn-outDr. Lorraine Breault
Trien VanDepression in University of Alberta medical students Dr. Lorraine Breault
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University of British Columbia

Matthew ChanEmpiric chemotherapy dose reductions in obese patients with colorectal cancer: a retrospective review of the BC Cancer Agency experienceDr. Howard Lim
Rachel DalzellChronic disease self-management: understanding the patient's experienceDr. Angela Towle
Tara DawnHPV related neoplasms: information needs assessmentDr. Howard Lim
Amanda Degenhardt Executive functions at age 7 years in relation to cortisol levels in children born very pre-termDr. Ruth Grunau
Andrew Jeffrey The role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signalling in diabetic encophalopathy Dr. Craig Brown
Robin PatyalMechanism of premature ventricular contractions in patients with severe mitra valve regurgitationDr. Matthew Bennett
Gautamn SarwalCardiovascular outcomes in patients with familial hypercholesterolemiaDr. Jim Frohlich
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