2009 grant recipients

Recipient institutions

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Dr Lynn Megeney) - see report [PDF]$115,000
Memorial University of Newfoundland$15,000
Dalhousie University-
Université Laval$25,000
Université de Montréal$25,000
McGill University$25,000
University of Ottawa$20,000
Queen's University$20,000
University of Toronto$25,000
University of Western Ontario$25,000
University of Manitoba$30,000
University of Saskatchewan$25,000
University of British Columbia$25,000

Student recipients

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Aaron Kennedy Interactions of genetic variation in the perilipin gene and dietary fat on serum cholesterol LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides in the Newfoundland population Dr. Guang Sun
Amy Pieroway Inherited gynecologic cancers in Newfoundland: a database project Dr. Lesa Dawson
Benjamin Shieh An analysis on the effect of change in sleep as a specific factor in the DSM-IV TR diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder in adolescents aged 12-17 Dr. Weldon Bonnell
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Université Laval

Marie-Michèle Gaudreault-TremblayImpact d'une transplantation rénale sur l'atteinte vasculaire centrale des patients ayant une insuffisance rénale terminaleMarcel Lebel
Pierre-Olivier Jacques Predictors of significant mitral regurgitation in patients with mitral valve prolapse: is mitral valve geometry more important than mitral valve thickness?Mario Enechal
François Lemay Projet troubles anxieux et psychoses Dr. Marc-André Roy
Olivier St-Hilaire TDAH et prématurité : imagerie cérébraleLeila BenAmor
Julie SteeleAbility of the Euroscore and Texas Score to predict outcomes in octogenarians undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionJean-Pierre Déry
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Université de Montréal

Mikaël Kassin-DufresneFibroblast ionic channels and their effects on fibrillation Dr. Stanley Nattel
Marie-Eve LandryVPH97 chez les femmes canadiennes à risque d'être infectées ou atteintes par le VIHPierre Belhumeur
Michael NewmarchThe role of Rrd1 in regulating the response to stress in yeastDr. Dindial Ramotar
Sandrine PicardEffets d'un changement du ratio d'acides gras oméga-3/oméga-6 alimentaire dans un modèle d'infarctus du myocarde chez le ratGuy Rousseau
Gaël Villanueva-CharbonneauBiological markers of mental disease: an exploratory researchDr. Édouard Kouassi
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McGill University

Martin Aguilar Modeling of Ca2+-mediated excitation-transcription coupling in cardiac cells Dr. Stanley Nattel
Catherine GuilbaultTraditional medicinal herbs as a source of novel bioactive agents for lung cancerDr. Jian H. Wu
Dorota KadlubowskaAge-dependent responses to angiogenesis inhibitors Dr. Janusz Ruk
Shawn KarlsThyroglobulin as a marker of thyroid cancer Dr. Richard Payne
Phillip LevineIdentifying inflammation based biomarkers in esophageal cancer Dr. Lorenzo Ferri
Madhur NayanBone marrow vs adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells in myocardial infarction: A comparative study Dr. Shum-Tim
Jiamin ZhengCharacterizing the mechanisms responsible for NK cell-mediated cardiac survival and repair following myocardial infarctionDr. Jacques Galipeau
Alice YuThe effect of ovarian hormones and the menstrual cycle on vessel hemodynamics (CYCLIC) Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou
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University of Ottawa

Devin HallCoronary artery atherosclerosis and calcium scores Dr. Benjamin Chow
Craig MitchellFactors related to sexual re-offense in men with intellectual disabilities and problematic sexual behaviour Dr. Paul Fedoroff
Carly RogensteinInternational Survey of Current Emergency Department Practice for Managing Recent onset Atrial Fibrillation Dr. Ian Stiell
Irena SzymanskaAn integrated functional and genetic testing algorithm to identify clopidogrel unresponsiveness Dr. Derek So
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Queen's University

Howard An The management and outcome of seminoma in Ontario Dr. William MacKillop
Jacqueline AnandWait times at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario and the influence on patient perceived quality of care Dr. C. deMetz
Ehtesham BaigSmall vessel engineering Dr. Laura Niklason
Francisco Daniel RamirezDrugs and arrhythmia review/post-myomectomy heart case reportDr. Adrian Baranchuk
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University of Toronto

Andrew GaoMolecular pathophysiology of bipolar disorder Dr. Jerry J. Warsh
Angela JenningsPrognostic significance of circulating tumor cells in patients undergoing liver resection for metastatic colorectal cancer Dr. Steven Gallinger
Alexander KoculymUtility of tracking cardiac repolarization dynamics from ambulatory ECG recordings to improve diagnosis of inherited arrhythmia disorders Dr. Vijay Chauhan
Ines B. Menjak Prevalence and characterization of post-thrombotic syndrome after pediatric cardiac surgery Dr. Brian W. McCrindle
Corey SteinIn vitro and in vivo tumorigenesis of Plk4 heterozygote, p53 deficient cells Dr. Carol Swallow
Lynn SterlingReporting of adverse events of medical cancer therapies in randomized clinical trials and observational studies Dr. Ian f. Tannock
Shuo (Alex) XiangUse of artificial intelligence in risk stratification of patients with rectal cancer using pre-treatment MRI features Dr. Mostafa Atri
Jacqueline ZhaiAssessing practice patterns and identifying knowledge barriers in the management of hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer Dr. David Urbach
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University of Western Ontario

Aiman Alak Effect of clarithromycin on QT interval in children being tested for pneumonia Dr. M.J. Rieder
Ishvinder ChatthaGenotype specific assessment of QT/Heart rate adaptation in LQTS Dr. A. Krahn
Victor McPhersonEstablishing a new model for bladder cancer metastasis Dr. John Lewis
Neeraj PatelLeading edge genomic technologies as a research interface to clinical applications Dr. R. Hegele
Qi WangScreening of CNS tumors for anti-invasive therapy sensitivity using an ex vivo assay - a step toward individualized cancer care Dr. Joseph Megyesi
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University of Manitoba

Jane ColishObstructive sleep apnea: effects of continuous airway pressure on cardiac remodeling as assessed by echocardiology, MRI, and cardiac biomarkers Dr. Davinder Jassal
Tyler FriesenRole of DLX transcription factors in intestinal development and colorectal cancer Dr. David Eisenstat
Andrea MazuratPrognostic factors in differentiated thyroid cancer in patients over or below 45 years Dr. K.A. Pathak
Sunit NagraEvaluation of change in 10 year risk of coronary heart disease in menopausal women followed in the Mature Women's Centre Dr. Richard Boroditsky
Maneesh SudSMAD4 and caspase-2 are associated with relapse in EVI1+ acute myeloid leukemia patients: evidence from microarray studies and meta-analysis Dr. Mark Minden
Jarret WoodmassTreatment patterns and outcomes of pancreatic cancer in the province of ManitobaDr. M. Andrew McKay
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University of Saskatchewan

Derek Boechler Is there an increased C-reactive protein response in STEMI vs NSTEMI individuals following coronary angioplasty? Dr. Colin Pearce
Jonathan DautremontLarynx cancer outcomes, 2000-2007: the Saskatchewan experience Dr. Peter Spafford
Ashley Oleniuk Patient experiences with stigma within an in-patient psychiatric unit in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Dr. Raymond Tempier
Ben Rempel The impact of a forgiveness learning group on mental health, institutional adjustment, and recidivism in an inpatient forensic psychiatric population Dr. Marilyn Betz
Zane TymchakA feasibiity study using K-edge digital subtration angiography to study a rabbit elastase model of aneurysm coil embolizationDr. Michael Kelly
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University of British Columbia

Ciara ChamberlainRole of granzymes in aortic aneurysms Dr. David Granville
Cheryl LaneMMP-12 as a biomarker of virus infection within normal human and CVB3 infected myocardiumDr. David Marchant
Dr. Bruce McManus
Lawrence LeePioneering novel approaches to manage cancer recurrence through the use of YB-1 inhibitors & off-patent Dr. Sandra E. Dunn
Andrea Lo Quantification of the delay in breast radiotherapy as a result of breast reconstruction Dr. W. Kwan
Alexander Suen Prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) in oral cancer & its associated outcome Dr. Catherine Poh
Wilson Wan Coronary computed tomographic aniography in emergency department chest pain patients at intermediate risk of acute coronary syndromeDr. William Dick
Andrew Wormsbecker Sterol-27-hydroxylase expression in arterial smooth muscle cellsDr. Gordon Francis
Grace Yang Air pollution induced vascular dysfunction: role of nitric oxide synthases Dr. Stephan Van Eeden
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