2006 grant recipients

Recipient institutions

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Dr Lynn Megeney)$115,000
Dalhousie University-
Université Laval$25,000
McGill University$25,000
Queen's University$25,000
University of Saskatchewan$25,000
University of Western Ontario$25,000

Student recipients

Dalhousie University

Mike da Rosa Ang II invokes a clear inflammatory response in rat heartsDr. Jean-Francois Legare
Ciorsti J. MacIntyre Implantable defibrillators in the elderly: outcomes and natural historyDr. J. Sapp
Dr. R. Parkash
Helen Rockwell Effects on chemotherapeutic agents on zebrafish embryosDr. J. Berman
Dr. P. Lee
Alexa SmithIntraindividual variation of neurochemical concentrationsDr. Ben Rusak
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Université Laval

Mathieu Béland Les inhibiteurs de la PARP augmentent la susceptibilité des cellules cancéreuses carcinoides à la chimiothérapie Dr. Girish M. Shah
Mélanie Brochu-Osterman Rôle du tissu adipeux dans la diminution du risque cardiovasculaire chez des femmes pré- et post-ménopausées en réponse à un entraînement de 16 semaines Dr. Pascale Mauriège
Vincent Laliberté Impact psychosocial des tests prédictifs BRCA1/2 chez l'homme Dr. Michel Dorval Dr. Jacques Simard
Katie St-Pierre Bénéfices de l'angioplastie de sauvetage sur la taille de l'infarctus, la viabilité myocardique et la fonction cardiaque Dr. Olivier Bertrand
Andrée-Anne Marcoux Étude des habilités sociales et de communication chez les enfants d'âge préscolaire lien avec les comportements d'attention conjointe et d'imitation - étude pilote Dr. Karine Morasse
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McGill University

Huma Ali Prevalence and risk factors of end-organ damage in paediatric hypertension Dr. Andrew Mackie
Dr. Beth Foster
Mitchel Fox Post-thrombotic syndrome after vena cava filter placement: a systematic review Dr. Susan R. Kahn
Kenneth Leung Anterograde trophic mechanisms participate in pattern formation in the striatum: a possible role for brain derived neurotrophic factor from thalamic efferents
Marc-André Pearson The case of a woman living in a more-than-24-hour day Dr. Elaine Waddington Lamont
Tahir Shaikh Understanding behaviour change after frontol lobe injury Dr. Lesley K. Fellows
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Queen's University

Lara Hugel Surrogate markers of angiogenesis in patients receiving first line chemotherapy and bevacizumab (Avastin) for metastatic colorectal cancer
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University of Saskatchewan

Peter Graham Review of clinical outcomes of patients with multivessel (2+) coronary artery isease (CAD) Dr. P. Basran
Rabiya Jalil Treatment outcome for cervical cancer Dr. S. Mahmood
Emily Kwan Assessment of the general knowledge of congenital cardiac defects in parents of first nations children in Saskatchewan Dr. A.P. Kakadekar
Francis Lien Prognostic value of nodal ratios in node-positive breast cancer Dr. Patricia Tai
Deng Mapiour Outcome research for prostate cancer Dr. K. Joseph
Adam Ogieglo A study of mood variability during the menstrual cycleDr. Rudy Bowen
Dr. Marilyn Baetz
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University of Western Ontario

Allison Bahm Interlocking oppressions: factors adding to perceived stigma and discrimination amongst those experiencing a psychiatric disability Dr. Cheryl Forchuk
Shashank Garg A phase II study of oxandrolone in patients receiving chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced head and neck cancer Dr. John Yoo
John Lenehan Is cervical cancer part of the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer phenotype?Dr. J. Kwon
Amy Wei Lin Image-guided robot-assisted lung brachytherapy Dr. Richard Malthaner
Jonathan Rhee Angiogenesis in benign and malignant brain tumours Dr. Joseph Megyesi
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