Dr. MacKillop’s work looks at addictions in innovative ways, garnering him the Royal-Mach-Gaensslen Prize for 2019.

This year’s Royal-Mach-Gaensslen Prize is awarded to a researcher who brings multiple approaches to bear in understanding the often-puzzling and difficult area of addiction. Dr. James MacKillop, founder of the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research at McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, has used areas as diverse as genetics, imaging and economics to understand addictions. And he has studied addictions ranging from nicotine to alcohol, from drugs to gambling. His research shows surprising common features of all addictions.

Dr. MacKillop has recently begun to focus on medical use of cannabis, with the launch of the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research to conduct research into this growing therapy.

Dr. MacKillop will be discussing his research at the prize ceremony, which is open to the public.

Where: The Royal Mental Health Centre, 1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa

When: Thursday, December 5, 2019, 5:30 p.m.

For more information about Dr. MacKillop’s work, see the media release on the website of our partner, the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research.

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